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3 Hidden Paradiso in Bali Sharma Springs Bamboo. (PHOTO: Earth Porm)

TIMESMALANG, BALIBali has been known with its exotic and beautiful sceneries by the world. However there are lots of hidden paradiso that rarely being visited by tourists. Wanna know what are they? Let's find it out.

1. Lempuyangan Temple (Candi Lempuyangan)

Candi-Lempuyangan.jpgCandi Lempuyangan (Sumber: raditya74w.blogspot.com)

Gunung Agung as the background of the temple will give you a perfect spot for selfie. In addition you might need a lil more on the twilight time to get a perfect selfie while the sun is set behind the Gunung Agung.

2.    Sharma Springs Bamboo

Sharma-Springs-Bamboo-sarahbeekmans.jpgSharma Springs Bamboo. (FOTO: sarahbeekmans)

Located at tanah Ayu, Sibang Gede,Badung , Bali this cute and exotic villa which made from bamboos will give you an exotic scenery of the Ayung river and the green forest scenery like you were living in the middle of Amazon. Their unique design will give you hundreds of selfie spots.

3.   West Bali Natinal Park (Taman Nasional Bali Barat)

Taman-Nasional-Bali-Barat.jpgTaman Nasional Bali Barat (Sumber: vinaseptiarii.blogspot.com)

Located on 77 ha area, this park will mesmerize your eyes will beautiful green and cool air. The forest, the savanna all the flowers and animals and the deep blue sea near the park become the main attraction of this place.

What do you think after seeing all these 3 beautiful hidden paradiso in Bali? Make sure you won't missed them on your next visit ti Bali. And if you still confuse about which place would you visit, or where to stay. You could visit the Airy website on airyroom.com to get more choice of hotels and place to visit. Good luck. (*)

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