This is How Madurese Served Their Mung Bean Porridge a.k.a Kaldu

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This is How Madurese Served Their Mung Bean Porridge a.k.a Kaldu The exquisite look of Madurese mung bean porridge. (PHOTO: Ach. Qusyairi Nurullah/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESMALANG, JAKARTA – Indonesian cuisine is a collection of various regional culinary traditions that formed the archipelagic nation of Indonesia. You could have 20 to 50 variety of food from a single main ingredient. Such as what happened to mung bean Porridge in Madura, East Java which commonly called as Kaldu.

Mung bean porridge has become one common food served by the Indonesian for any occasion. This food is a perfect dessert during a rainy day. The local community will usually cook this food with coconut milk and palm sugar to make the taste sweet and savoury.

However, the local community of Madura has slightly different perspective of how to enjoy this mung ben porridge. They tend to have it in beef or lamb soup which will give them a super distinctive taste from the regular sweet and savoury mung bean porridge.

The taste will be just like when you eat your soup but added with the sweetness of mung bean. Well, actually this kid of food has become a common food in several foreign country. Yet, this kind of taste will be one exotic taste for Indonesian since the commonly enjoy this food in sweet and savoury way.

“It’s may be related to the local community main source of living as salt farmers. They tend to create their food and add a little bit of salt into everything,” Fendi Kachong, the local community of Sumenep said on Saturday (11/7/2020).

You could find this Kaldu a.k. Madurese Mung Bean Porridge in almost every corner of the city. There will be lots of food shop serving this delicious dessert for not more than IDR 10 K per set. During mung bean harvesting season, almost every house in the city will have this delicious food served on their table.  (*) 

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