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Purple Nasi Uduk of Sukabumi for Your Celebration The lovely purple Nasi Uduk. (Credit to: Instagram @cobainajah)

TIMESMALANG, JAKARTANasi Uduk Ungu or Purple Nasi Uduk is a typical dishes of Sukabumi, West Java. Its made of rice added with spices and purple sweet potato. You could also made it of red spinach.

However, here we will give you some recipes of purple Nasi uduk made of purple sweet potato.


    250 gram rice

    100 gram purple sweet potato

    150 ml coconut milk

    100 ml water

    1 tsp salt

    2 fresh bay leaves

    2 fresh lime leaves

    1 lemon grass

    1 pandan leave.


Wash the rice. Steam the sweet potato. Once it's done, blend it with water with a blender or food processor.

Put all the ingredients including the rice and sweet potato in a rice cooker pot. Cook it till it's ready. When the rice boiling stir it up to mashed up the ingredients.

Wait till it's done. Let it sit in the rice cooker for about 15 minutes after it's done.

Served nasi uduk ungu or purple nasi uduk of

Sukabumi with ayam ungkep (fried chicken),  tempeh goreng lengkuas (fried tempeh in galangal sauce), and telur dadar gulung (rolled fried egg). (*)

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