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Bumbu, The First Indonesian e-Magazine in French The main cover of Bumbu, discuss about mug bean stew in French. (Photo: The Jakarta Post-indonesie-tourisme.fr/File)

TIMESMALANG, JAKARTABumbu Indonesian Team collaborated with Visit Indonesian Tourism Office (VITO) launched a very first digital magazine ever published in French. This digital magazine talks about Indonesian exotic culinary and its culture.

This magazine is intended for French who would like to explore more about Indonesian cullinary and the local’s culture. The magazine also offers a glimpse of knowledge about local residents and how local food affects their culture.

On its first edition in French, Bumbu shares a story about Und Corner which is located in Malang, East Java. Und Corner is a restaurant which preserve the local traditional exotic taste of food and well known to have the best taste for restaurant with a local taste.

In another page, Bumbu also discusses about how the mug bean or Burjo (a short name for Bubur Kacang Ijo) stalls could be found anywhere in the corner of the country and how local residents use these stalls which are not only stalls but also a fun place to hang out.

The Talua, a typical drink of West Sumatra, is also discussed in Bumbu. “Stories featured in Bumbu can be a quick review of people and foods in Indonesia,” said Moncarré, who is in charge of the magazine in France said in statement as written in The Jakarta Post.

The Marketing Representative of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Nia Niscaya appreciate this digital magazine much. She also said that this is one of a good way to introduce Indonesian culture to European countries through French.

"We have numerous kinds of food with flavorful tastes. This magazine can be one of the ways to boost Indonesian tourism and, hopefully, can attract French travelers to visit our country," Niscaya said.

Bumbu also has been published in Bahasa Indonesia. Their first edition was published on April several months ago. The magazine is expected to be able to bring Indonesian culinary and local culture in the middle of European society with French. (*)

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